2008 Playoff Review so far


So far, I am 5 for 8 against the spread and 5 for 8 straight up. I was dead wrong re the Colts this past weekend, but that was the only mistake. I have made some nice calls (like NE beating Jax by 11, Packers handling Seattle) and some bad ones like Wash beating SEA and PITT beating Jax.

These playoffs have been exciting (mostly because the Packers are involved). I am buying that the Giants have come together as a team and are one of the hottest teams playing right now. The question as always with the Giants is when will the meltdown occur. NE continues to be NE – though I will say this again as I have throughout the season: their defense is old and simply not that good. If an opponent could figure out a way to just slow down the offense (stopping it is unrealistic), NE can be had. It was fun to see Dallas eliminated. I think they underestimated the Giants and ended up losing to a better team. Jax was a good story, but beating NE in NE was just too tall an order. At least they made it a good game. Seattle was overmatched and I’d say they were maybe the worst team in the playoffs. They were somewhat lucky to escape with a victory over Wash as the score of that game was deceptive. The Eagles, Saints, Vikings, and Cards would have likely been more difficult opponents than Seattle.


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