More Love for Woodson


In this Clark Judge piece over at CBS Sportsline. Judge picks up on one of the things Mike McCarthy said at his press conference that struck a chord with me. McCarthy revealed that he had gotten calls from national reporters seeking comment on Charles Woodson as the defensive MVP. Interesting.

One month later, and Charles Woodson still can’t understand why he isn’t going to the Pro Bowl.

I can’t, either, and maybe you’ll join the club after watching Woodson make another appearance this Sunday for the Packers on a national stage. If you missed Woodson this season, don’t miss him this weekend because you’re looking at the best player not to go to Honolulu.

I believe it, and so do Woodson’s teammates. And when the New York Giants rewind the videotape to this season maybe they’ll believe it, too.

UPDATE: This is in the comments, too, but it’s worth posting here. Smart commentary from Aaron over at Toomer has been Manning’s go-to guy and they’ll want to throw to him a lot again this week. Also, look for Steve Smtih, who had a couple of nice catches, to try to take advantage of matchups with Tramon Williams, Frank Walker and/or Jarret Bush.

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3 Responses to “More Love for Woodson”

  1. Aaron Says:


  2. sfhayes Says:

    That’s exactly right. Also, with the emergence of Steve Smith, the Packers might need Tramon Williams to step up (or Frank Walker, against his former teammates).

  3. awhayes Says:

    I do like our corner match-ups overall with Harris on Burress and Woodson on Toomer. I think we should be able to neutralize both of them. If Smith is on his game, he could cause trouble, but Williams seems to grow with every game he plays (and Walker has made a few nice plays lately). One major factor might be Bibgy – if he’s hitting this weekend like last weekend, the injury-prone Smith will be too afraid to be a factor. One other quick thought: it’s been a while since Nick Collins has done anything special. He may continue down that path and someday lose his job to Rouse, but I still think he’s too good an athlete to be this quiet for this long.

    Bigger problem overall for the NYG may be Eli, I am forecasting some serious struggles at Lambeau for him this weekend (at least 2 turnovers).

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