Frustrations from a Bears Fan – Beautiful…


Check this out, written by a family friend and long-time Wisconsin resident who for years has inexplicably supported the wrong team – Bear frustration is always welcome at Packergeeks:

“Please New York (Giants ), put me out of my misery. Last night I anxiously waited for the !0:00 pm news to watch coverage of Marquette’s ass-whoopin of Notre Dame. Foolish me. My hint should have been the early cattle-like mass exit from the Bradley Center by the Green and Gold faithful to watch the Packer pre-game, rather than relish every minute of Irish demolition. I switched between 4 local channels……nothing but GB. Maybe the Sunday newspaper ? Page eight was the first. And then to tease you into thinking you were done, the “Outdoors”, usually the last page, was followed by two more pages of bile.

Isn’t this the same team the Bears gave a “Broom Job” to this year? I’ve signed up for a free trial of satellite radio for the next week so I can hear some world events, weather and other sports venues. Hopefully my hand won’t slip and press ANY local AM or FM station by mistake. The only place I want Benedict Arnold Laravee’s “Dagger” is in his pre-op colonoscopy instrument tray. I guess I should be thankful for the empty roads on the way home after the MU game. I saw three cars, 2 gophers and a FIB. Might be a good time to shop next week, but, I forgot, Doyle will probably declare a mandatory sick day with pay.

For this week, I’m just going to keep humming, “Eli’s coming and there’s no Jessica.”
So, my friends, lets just hope that grade column in the Journal next week is filled with D’s and F’s, otherwise this rock-star will be wishing he was “Tommy” the pinball wizard, with a blindfold and 12 gauge ear protectors.”


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