Packers on NFL Network


For those of you with the NFL Network, the Packer loss to Denver in Super Bowl XXXII is being replayed now (8pm EST). Among other things, it’ll be good to look at Dorsey Levens, who does look a lot like Ryan Grant just standing in his uniform. And Ed Hochuli before he, um, bulked up.

UPDATE: Ryan Grant runs exactly like Dorsey Levens.  I forgot how dominant that first drive was.  Ugh.

One Response to “Packers on NFL Network”

  1. Bill Walsh Says:

    You ought to hear some of the veterans of that game rip Holmgren’s play-calling in the second half. I was once driving around doing errands for like half an hour, and every time I got back to the car Harry Sydney (the RB coach?) was going on about how Holmgren inexplicably stopped running the ball, despite the fact that the Packers had destroyed the Broncos on the ground for much of the game. (Which seems to be borne out by Levens’ 4.7 yds./carry).

    But I don’t remember the game well enough to know if that’s a legit criticism. I mostly just remember the linemen sweating in the San Diego warmth.

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