McCarthy still loving “football”


Earlier in the season, we wrote here about how Mike McCarthy, when addressing the media, is a frequent user of the word “football”. Well, last night’s press conference was no exception. I unofficially recorded 19 uses of the word. Check out these two nugget responses that beautifully demonstrate his love of “football”:

“Well, I really haven’t had time to digest, exactly … thoughts as far as game plan, is that what you’re referring to? It’s an opponent we played in Week 2, very good football team. A lot’s happened since Week 2, I would say the same for our football team. We’re a different football team than we were in Week 2, and definitely the New York Giants are a different football team. I’m very impressed with their win this week and last week. On a personal note, I’m very happy for Tom Coughlin. I think he’s an outstanding football coach and I’m happy to see him have the success today and we look forward to competing against them in the NFC Championship.”


“We played our best football game yesterday as a football team, if you take away the two plays on offense. Clearly our best football game that we’ve played since I’ve been here, and that’s important. This is when you want to play your best football. Detroit was a very good football game for our football team, so we need to carry that momentum, that standard, into the NFC Championship game.”

Please don’t misinterpret my pointing this out as disrespect for McCarthy or a slam re his intelligence. I have considered using the word “genius” to describe his offensive mind at least – so lack of intelligence is not at all what I’m getting at here. However, I do suspect that the use of “football” does help him fill voids and give him a split second longer to think of what he’s going to say next. It’s a popular tactic called the Verbal Fill – read more about it in this previous post.


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