Dude…yes TO is a moron, but not last night…


You’re right, it’s rare that I would ever defend TO for anything. But you’re picking at him here a bit excessively. TO was really upset because he knew that the media was about to lay the blame for the loss on Romo. Now, I’m not sure crying about it was warranted, but he’s an emotional guy and he was sad, frustrated and hurting for someone else all at the same time so it’s not an inexplicable expression of emotion. I agree with you, Romo should have had the sense to know that the Cabo weekend story would be blown out of proportion and it was ultimately his fault (if you date a high profile broad, you’ll necessarily become a high profile dude with the perks and drawbacks of high profilocity, if you like). But Dallas was simply the inferior team Cabo or not. (Anyone following football for the last 2 months shouldn’t be surprised by this “upset”). Again, I think Owens’ tears were a genuine expression of pain for someone else, which I think in a sense, is commendable.


One Response to “Dude…yes TO is a moron, but not last night…”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    T.O. cried because he is, to use the medical terminology, nuttier than squirrel sh*t. The guy has always had a screw loose. He is addicted to attention of any kind (left undiscussed here at packergeeks, although it has been remarked upon elsewhere is the fact that he was not asked about Romo before this scene- *he* was the one who brought it up and in some way therefore manufactured the entire thing himself).

    And I’d bet before we get to next season’s opener he goes in the other direction, blaming someone, if not everyone else involved with the cowboys while exonerating himself, for this loss. He is incapabable of being a team player unless everything is going his way. Remember all of the stories in Philly when things were going well were about how the whole TO as cancer in the clubhouse angle was baseless . .. all the way up until they lost the Super Bowl and TO couldn’t resist taking a shot at McNabb and beginning the unraveling. I’ll be shocked if his stay in Dallas isn’t a re-run in some way.

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