Disagree on TO’s tears


Gotta disagree with brother Steve on the Owens crying press conference situation. I am not a fan of Owens and have long been tired of his antics over the years (by the way, I think you have to be over 30 years old to seriously use the word “antics”…same with “wonderful” – actually, you should never use the word “wonderful” as a male probably). However, I do think Owens was genuinely trying in his way to defend his quarterback and incredibly, I think it was a rare team-first act on his part. Both he and Moss, the resident clowns of the NFL for years, have both matured and I disagree that Owens is somehow now more of an idiot because he was disappointed by a loss and defending his quarterback in a press conference.


2 Responses to “Disagree on TO’s tears”

  1. OMAR Says:

    I can feel the love.
    T.O. would never do anything to hurt the team. He would never say anything bad about his quarterback, unless that quarterback was Donovan McNabb.

  2. FanYard Says:

    Or Jeff Garcia…or Drew Bledsoe.

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