Review from Lambeau perspective


Like Packer Nation, I was very impressed by this win. I was at the game yesterday and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better Packer game. They totally dominated 56 minutes of that game – and it was simply a bonus that they fell behind 14 points right away as it game them the confidence to know they’re never out of a game. Unbelievable fan excitement at Lambeau – though the silence after Seattle made it 14-0 was deafening. Key play of the game may have been McCarthy’s challenge of the arbitrary spot – because the ref then arbitrarily moved the ball to an arbitrary spot further up the field resulting in another arbitrary measurement giving us the first down. (They need to develop technology to make first down measurements less arbitrary.)

One thing I noticed a lot yesterday was some tremendous blocking. James Jones and Ruvell Martin both opened up lanes for the run game as did Bubba Franks. In fact, Bubba’s blocking in the game yesterday was one of those quiet factors that I’ll bet will be more obvious when they watch the video of the game. While we don’t miss Bubba as a pass receiver much, I do think we missed his blocking while he was out. Hall and Kuehn both had impressive seal blocks as well – not to mention the offensive line as a whole. Tremendous team blocking effort.

I agree with Steve that Bigby was a huge factor and I hope that he continues to play this aggressively as I think he effectively created a zone of fear out there for the receivers – it would be nice if he continued to do this. Bigby would get my defensive game ball. On offense, it’s difficult to overlook Grant, Favre and Jennings, but I have to agree with Greg Bedard here and give the MVP yesterday to Tauscher. Bedard pulls out an interesting stat: that was the first time in Kerney’s CAREER that he didn’t register a single defensive stat. Last week, I said to a friend that Kerney is the one who should be nervous for this match-up and the friend asked me to stop using crack. Tauscher shut down a superstar and considering the havoc Kerney has wrought (if you will?) the last 9 weeks, Tausch should get the game ball.

Holmgren should get the lame ball. I said to my dad after Seattle scored making it 14-0, perhaps out of desperate optimism, that knowing Holmgren, he’ll shut it down and play conversatively. That third quarter punt on 4th and 1 from his 41 was absoluteluy ridiculous. I don’t think Seattle belonged on the field with the Packers yesterday, but I also think Holmgren should call it quits – his conservative style of coaching is out and the aggressive/confident style of McCarthy/Sean Payton is in.

UPDATE: I completely agree with Andy on Bubba Franks. We commented on this several times throughout the course of the game. I think he had at least five key blocks – two of them on touchdowns. I don’t think we’ll see him back here next year (his cap number is prohibitive) and I won’t shed many tears about his departure, but if he plays hard now so that he can make more money somewhere else, I’m all for it.

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4 Responses to “Review from Lambeau perspective”

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  3. Ace Says:

    Comments about Tauscher and Bubba are right on-terrific blocking. Bigby was a terror. Probably caused at least two drops because he was in the area. Perhaps the most fun game for me ever at Lambeau. Crowd electric, but huge mood swing after second Seahawk td. Crowd rejuvenated with the first Packer score, then confident at 14-14. No doubts.
    An hour and a half before the game lines were out the door into the Atrium for Packer Pro Shop goods. Had to be a record sales day. How much do you ask is an official #4 jersey? $99.95. What do Packer Geeks bloggers want from the Pro Shop? GB carpet, green with gold Gs, wall to wall, priced at a bit more than an Ardibil or Hariz oriental.
    Weather forecast for the Giants game in GB 5 degrees, no snow. How will a Louisiana qb with a bunch of warm weather wrs (Smith and Toomer anyway), injured Plaxico (Mich St and Pittsburgh-cold weather) do in GB weather. Look for a lot of downs for Bubba as a blocker to stave off Strahan and Co. Packers stop the run and they will be in the Super Bowl!

  4. Ace Says:

    PS-I wondered who the nun was with Ref Carey and the Packers/Giants at the coin toss. Go to and click on Sister Sean Marie for her story. Priceless. But with the extra strength she brought to the Packers I bet they give her a free ticket for the Giants game. I would.

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