Early Thoughts on Next Week


On paper, this is a very good matchup for the Packers. The Giants defensive backfield is in shambles and they may have lost Aaron Ross today, too. You think about the Big Five formation against R.W. McQuarters, a journeyman who’s played well of late, and Corey Webster, and I like those matchups. James Jones, Koren Robinson and Ruvell Martin against, well, who knows.

The Giants defensive line has been playing very well of late, but they are vulnerable to the kind of one-cut runner that Ryan Grant has become. Their aggressiveness is both a positive and a negative. If they overpursue, they can be had. It won’t hurt that Grant is a former Giant, too. That’s good motivation for him. They gave him up for a 6th round pick, only because they were probably going to cut him.

Eli Manning is one of the original “loser face” guys. He is very easily rattled and he’ll be going without one of his big-play guys in Jeremy Shockey. (Shockey sucked this year, actually, and I say that as someone who followed him every week because he was on my fantasy team.) Plaxico Burress has been playing hurt all year and he seemed to tweak his ankle again in Dallas.

Bottom line: If the Packers can slow down the Giants running game — bruiser Brandon Jacobs and the surprisingly elusive Ahmad Bradshaw — they should be on their way to Arizona. It’ll be very important for the Packers not to be overconfident, but I like our chances.

For what it’s worth, this poll at the New York Daily News shows that the Giants fans are confident their team will win, with 63 percent predicting a Giant victory at Lambeau.

UPDATE: Now it’s 65 percent. I don’t put a lot of stock in these things — you can picture some dork in his basement wearing his Michael Strahan jersey voting 1000 times, but are these people serious?

UPDATE: Here’s another online poll, this one from ESPN. The answers are a bit more sensible.


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