Cullen Jenkins is Back


There’s a lot of reasons the Packers won today, but certainly one of them is the reemergence of Cullen Jenkins.  I thought going in (and actually said on Dennis Miller) that Jenkins had to be huge today.  It was clearly going to be important for the Packers to get a push up the middle to collapse the pocket on Matt Hasselback.  They did that and more.  Jenkins had (at least) two sacks and I can remember one play specifically when he made a tackle some ten yards down the field, offering late pursuit.

Bigby was huge.  Favre was Favre.  Grant was exceptional.  And Cullen Jenkins was back.


One Response to “Cullen Jenkins is Back”

  1. bill walsh Says:

    Don’t forget the OL. They dominated a talented, fast front seven that just blew up the Redskins’ offense last week.

    Congrats to the Pack and fans, and on behalf of Redskins fans everywhere, thanks for avenging our defeat. 🙂

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