Big Win


These are the kind of wins that build team character and, more important, team confidence. It is exactly the kind of win the Packers needed before they (presumably) go on the road to Dallas next week. Ryan Grant, after recovering from two early fumbles, outgained the entire Seattle offense, racking up 201 yards to their 200. Brett Favre was excellent, and the underhanded throw he made to Donald Lee will be near the top of his career highlight reel. Amazing. Greg Jennings, too, was outstanding. He is not flashy and does not make moves that will blow people away, but he is unusually fluid and makes people miss with stunning consistency. Speaking of not flashy, I thought it was interesting that Favre took the time to mention each of his starting offensive linemen by name in the postgame interview with Fox. They played very well and when they hear that he singled them out, I would expect them to be pretty fired up.

The defense played very well, too. They shut down the Seattle run game almost entirely and played very well in pass coverage, as well. The two defensive MVPs, in my view, were Cullen Jenkins and Atari Bigby. Tramon Williams was burned once but otherwise played very well in his role as nickel back, too.

I think this really is the kind of win that could propel the Packers forward in the playoffs, especially since the early fumbles seemed to be more bad luck than bad play. It would be great to play at home, but I think the Packers can be competitive in Dallas, even with Favre’s grim record there.

UPDATE: This is a great line from Greg Bedard.  “Is it his final appearance at Lambeau Field? Doubtful. No. 4 has a lot more to give.”


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