Packers Leadership – nicely done Bob McGinn


While I’m not always a fan of his take on things, I wanted to link to this article by Bob McGinn this morning at jsonline because it’s well done. Very interesting insight – though I’m not too surprised to see that the 2 oldest Packers on the roster are the 2 most respected leaders.

I was also very encouraged by TE Ryan Krause’s take on the Pack’s team chemistry compared to a winning San Diego franchise he’d been with for the past 3 years. Again, a lot of this may be attributable to the kinds of players McCarthy and TT have put on the roster – respectable, coachable players. Team chemistry is huge and sometimes I’m not sure if enough is made of it. Interesting that Krause alluded to his Charger teams of the recent past when he made the comparison because I did wonder re chemistry when I considered for myself whether it was fair for Shottenheimer to be fired. There was clearly a respect problem in that locker room that started when it became obvious the GM and the coach don’t respect each other, that alone can raise the possibility that one or more of the players may side with either coach or GM and serve to fracture the team. It’s like parenting, once parents do not present as a unit, kids are adept at exploiting even the smallest fracture. (I also just thought Shottenheimer was a very poor playoff coach so I recommended to a non-listening San Diego ownership that they keep Shottenheimer for the regular season and then fire him for the playoffs).

Also, another piece of laud, as it were, for Bob McGinn: apparently after week 3 of this season, he predicted the Pack could win between 11-14 games this year and maybe go to the Super Bowl. I haven’t researched this yet in earnest, but if this is indeed true, We all ought to take a moment and bow to McGinn – that’s a great prediction.


One Response to “Packers Leadership – nicely done Bob McGinn”

  1. Aaron Says:

    He did indeed. Bedard references that article all the time on the JS Packer Blog. Not only that, he predicted they would win the North at the end of training camp.

    McGinn is the best in the business.

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