Favre Coming Back


At least according to this story in his hometown newspaper. (It must really piss off the Packer beat reporters in Wisconsin that Favre always gives these scoops to a paper that doesn’t cover him regularly.)

“I am trying to enjoy it because this could be my last game in Green Bay. For the first time in three years, I haven’t thought this could be my last game. I would like to continue longer.”

This is obviously very good news. I think Favre is enjoying himself playing on a solid team with a good coaching and, for many obvious reasons, believes he can play at this level again next year. I also think he cares about his streak, which he suggested in this quote before revising his comments.

Each week, I bring more stress on myself wondering if this is too good to be true. I want to continue the streak and winning. When I talk about the streak, it’s not the (consecutive) starts; it’s the hot streak we are on. Then, I ask what can I do better?

I think he meant his personal streak, because the Packers have not exactly been on a hot streak of late. They lost to the Cowboys, played poorly against the Rams, and lost to the Bears before beating Detroit. Still, it’s fine for him to take pride in his personal streak. He should. It’s quite an accomplishment.

Aaron Rodgers will have to wait.


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