4 “experts” on Packers vs Seahawks game


Dr. Z (whom I hesitate to even mention on our site because he is a moron), Peter King (whom I like), Pete Prisco (whom I also like) and Harmon (whose first name isn’t printed anywhere…likely a Brazilian soccer player…) have all shared their thoughts on the game this week. Dr. Z forecasted a 31-21 victory for the Pack, Harmon 24-17 for the Pack, Prisco 27-13 for the Pack and Peter King has it at 23-20. Of the prognosticators, only Peter King thought this game would be close. He noted that Seattle defense looks tough and could cause fits and while Seattle run game is mediocre, our banged up secondary could struggle containing Hasselbeck.

Interesting points but I think he’s wrong about them. While Peterson, Kerney Tatupu and company could cause some disruption, I think the Packers will set the tone and take them out of their games. And, as far as the Packers secondary, with the exception of a slight knee bump for Woodson, everyone except Blackmon is healthy and they look good. And, one very important thing happened in December – Bigby was voted defensive player of the month. Now, we all know that the voting for that award is almost always bias towards Packers because 85% of the people voting are Packer fans, but still, I think this is significant for Bigby’s confidence. And, his 4 picks in December may have him hungry to make a few more big plays – let’s just hope he’s not over-eager and messes up in coverage as a result.

Pete Prisco thought the Packers would make this one “look easy”. Normally, I’d be mor nervous going into a game where everyone I’ve read anyway is picking the Packers – but I remain confident this will be a victory.


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