Packers – Seahawks


I wanted to share my pick for this weekend’s game early – so I don’t wait until Friday and change my mind 3-4 times due to reading way too much about the game. Overall, I do not think this will be a very close game. It may be a decent game in the first half, but I think McCarthy’s better team will make the better halftime adjustments and handle the Seahawks. Seattle also is 3-5 on the road this year and away from the 12th man, they play differently.

I do foresee Ryan Grant being a significant counter to the rush-happy Seattle defense, limiting the effectiveness of Kerney and Julian Peterson. I’m guessing a fair number of run plays will be called in the first half as well as screens and play action. This will also open up the passing game for Favre which will leave Seattle’s defense guessing. Koren Robinson, Donald Lee and James Jones will have a big games and the special teams on both teams will factor into this game significantly. The Packers need to keep an eye on Patrick Kerney (obviously), but also on Nate Burleson. He is a firey competitor who can burn us on punt/kickoff returns but also as a receiver. My guess is Hasselback will throw at least one pick and the Packers pass rush will awaken and cause a fumble or two. While Packer fans may be concerned re Favre forcing throws too, I think he’ll manage his game well and I don’t think he’ll end up with more than one pick.

Shaun Alexander will continue to be mediocre but smile and act like he’s a superstar and Hasselback will continue to be jealous of his brother having a hot wife. (By the way, does Elizabeth Hasselback sleep with lip gloss on? Never seen her without it – scaring myself for noticing that).

Packers 34 – Seattle 16.


3 Responses to “Packers – Seahawks”

  1. Trav Says:

    I am there with you on the play action and screens to try and neutralize their speed. I also see some 5-wide “quick hitters” for 2 or 3 yards, then let the WR try to make a play. I think McCarthy and staff come in with the game plan to offset whatever Holmgren is going to try and throw at them.

    One unknown right now is the weather as the forecast has not changed 3 times since Monday, with the latest being 28 and flurries. I am torn on wanting snow some snow since it will slow down their rush, but will it also slow down our passing game? Hard to say.

    I got a call over the weekend from a friend with an extra ticket so I am even more pumped about the game, knowing that I will be at Lambeau to witness Hasselback going home to Seattle a playoff loser…again

    Packers 28 – Seattle 10

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  3. awhayes Says:

    Trav – nice. I have to say I’m hoping there will be no snow tomorrow because I don’t want any potentially neutralizing factors. I’ll be at the game too – may see you there!

    Go Pack

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