Other Tarvaris support still?


Peter King, in his weekly “Fine Fifteen” column where he breaks down his top 15 NFL teams, had this to say about Vikings QB Tarvaris Jackson:

“15. Minnesota (8-8). Speaking of longtime Eagles coaches and quarterback decisions, here’s some unsolicited advice for Brad Childress: Don’t let anyone talk you out of Tarvaris Jackson being your guy.”

He made a similar supportive comment a few weeks back re Tarvaris but I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not. I guess not. I know brother Steve will have plenty to rip on here and numbers to throw about, but I agree with Peter King and remain in the vast minority – even among my Minnesota in-laws: Jackson could be good some day.

I’ll admit, Tarvaris looked bad as MN crashed their way out of the playoffs. He looked quite bad. But what Vikings fans can hold onto is the 3rd quarter of the Wash game when he seemed to find his groove. He has shown flashes like that all year long – admittedly amidst periods of highly questionable decision-making. He has thrown some bad picks and done some stupid things here and there, but he is no Rex Grossman. Jackson has an incredible arm and he’s tremendously athletic (an unbelievable athletic difference between Jackson and Todd Collins in that game the other week by the way – Todd Collins may be the slowest athlete in any game…including golf and chess). It’s becoming a cliche argument now, but Favre was a bit wild in his first years too, so give Jackson a chance.

Now, the one thing I’ll admit is that Tarvaris may not good enough to be the QB of a talentless team. However, with Peterson/Taylor, a rising Rice at WR, he has some talent around him. What the Vikings need to do is find a legit tight end (Visanthe Shiancoe…where is this guy from with a name like that?), and another quality receiver or two (Bobby Wade is a fine #3 receiver, not a #1 receiver).

Ok, enough advising a rival – just think Jackson needs one more year there to prove he can do it.


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