McCarthy Gets Second for Coach of the Year


Read here about McCarthy finished second to Belichick for COY.

16-0 is impressive. And I happen to think Belichick is one of the best coaches in football (mostly because he proves over and over that being aggressive and taking frequent, smart, calculated risks wins out over boring/conservative football). To be a dynasty in this day and age is unreal and the Patriot Dynasty is due in large part to his coaching.

That said, he should not have been given this award. Bill Belichick was accused of cheating earlier in the year and handed down the biggest fine in NFL history. I have heard musings that the fine was excessive because not much of an advantage was gained by the illegal taping. But for someone as smart as Belichick, my argument would simply be that he wouldn’t have authorized the taping if it weren’t somehow useful to him. Mike McCarthy deserved this award because he led his team to a season NOBODY predicted and importantly, he didn’t cheat – period.


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