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Week 16 Spread Picks

December 20, 2007

PITT @ STL (+7.5) – Stephen Jackson and Polomalu will get their hair entangled on a play in the first half. There will be a very strange game delay as two of the NFL’s tough guys untangle their long flowing hair. Rams may upset here.

DAL @ CAR (+11.5) – Is Dallas crashing? I hope so. I would love for Owens to resume his toxic ways and for Romo’s excessive smiling to catch up with him.

KC @ DET (-4.5) – Who cares?

OAK @ JAX (-12.5) – When the TV flashed to Lane Kiffin last week, I swore, he looked like he was 17 years old. It’s an odd sideline really, with a child for a coach and a wooly mammoth for a D coordinator.

HOU @ INDY (-7.5) – I expect Houston to finish strong and be good next year knowing that Sherman won’t be there to disrupt progress anymore.

PHILLY @ NO (-2.5) – I hesitate here – Philly is playing well and they are just the annoying kind of team that would go in and foil someone’s playoff hopes. But I think NO will pull it out in large part because McNabb will play just poorly enough to resume calls for his ouster…

CLEVE @ CINCY (+2.5) – Interesting game, two former defensive minds coaching two offensive machines (though Cincy’s machine may be broken now).

NYG @ BUFF (+2.5) – Please, please Buff, knock the Giants down some more. I just want the meltdown to continue. I do think the Giants would be a desirable playoff opponent though for the Packers if they could make it that far.

GB @ CHI (+7.5) – I learned today on ESPN’s D-List (a Milwaukee radio show) from Brandon Lang that the Packers are 11-2-1 against the spread this year, one of the best spread records in NFL history. This will be an interesting one as Bears are going to want this one badly.

TB @ SF (+6.5) – For any of you who mysteriously remained tuned in to the MN @ SF game the other week (MN in a blowout), you got to see one of the best moments in the NFL this year. Sean Hill, a 6 year back-up QB got into a game for the first time, and threw his first NFL touchdown pass. He went nuts, the 7 people left in the stands went nuts and it was just really cool to see someone really wildly excited just to be playing in the NFL.

ATL @ ARI (-10.5) – How can a team with Boldin and Fitzergerald be 6-8? It just doesn’t make sense. You don’t need a RB, a defense, special teams or even an offensive line. You especially don’t even need a QB of merit – this team may simply dissolve when one or both of these guys leaves.

MIA @ NE (-21.5) – Right now, Miami is like a very low self-esteem teenager who was just given a compliment by a teacher in class for something which leads him to suddenly have this wind of confidence that makes him think he can probably do anything. So, he asks out the hot cheerleader who laughs at him and he’s back to square one. (Look for Miami to make a game of it off nothing but adrenaline in the first half, then NE to wake up – Gado will get lots of national attention after this game).

BALT @ SEA (-9.5) – In a way, it’s sort of too bad Billick’s time in Baltimore may be limited (despite what I regard as a fake recent statement of support by the team) because I’ve noticed lately, he is actually looking more and more like a raven, seriously, look at him and then look at the helmet.

NYJ @ TENN (-8.5) – If Pennington starts, it will be hard for me to root against him, but I will anyway because I think this could be a pounding by TENN.

WASH @ MN (-6.5) – After the Wash victory last week, I Salisburied and claimed they would roll over MN en route to the playoffs. I said this with serious, serious conviction. Now, I’m not sure they’ll cover.

DEN @ SD (-8.5) – This is the kind of game Shanahan may be able to squeeze out. SD has already clinched but I can see some more second-guessing of Norv when he pulls LT early in the second half.


Timberlake, Van Der Beek, Jessica Biel at Lambeau

December 19, 2007


A few celebrities learning how to tailgate from the pros at Lambeau…thanks to our friend’s friend Tom for sending these in (Tom I’m happy to give you full credit if you want your full name on here)… Jessica Biel apparently looking for another beer…Timberlake looking on…

James Van Der Beek w/Justin Timberlake

That’s Justin Timberlake shot-gunning a beer in the background. Between this and his Saturday Night Live skit, suddenly my impression of him is changing.

National writers weigh in on Packer snubs

December 19, 2007

*Andrew Perloff ( worked up Woodson and Barnett left off – here.
*Pete Prisco ( believes Woodson not only should make the Pro Bowl, but is a Defensive Player of the Year candidate – here. In fact, Prisco believes both Woodson and Harris should be the NFC starters – me too. Prisco also wonders how Barnett could be left off.
*Vic Carruci ( has problems with Woodson and Barnett being left off, the Packers only having 4 players picked as well as Jennings not getting more attention – here.
*Alex Marvez ( doesn’t mention Woodson or Barnett, but has a beef with Mason Crosby and Chad Clifton being left off – here.

Review of Week 15 Spread Picks (13wins 3 losses)

December 19, 2007

Last week was a nice week for the picks. Had a few errors but mostly a decent week. Here are the highlights and lowlights from this past week.

BALT @ MIA (+3.5) – Balt will have to find the courage to play this game well and I don’t think they will. My dream scenario of an 0-14 Miami team knocking off the 14-0 sweatshirt-wearing, cheating, swarthy Belichick and company may not get to happen. Miami wins. (Overtime thriller – Balt should have won though if Billick had any stones and/or the can’t-miss Stover makes an easy field goal).

JAX @ PITT (-3.5) – Jax is the better team I believe with the awakening of their offense. Jack “of the river” made a tough decision at the beginning of the year and I think it’s obvious now why he did it – Garrard looks tough. (Jax is scary and could dethrone Indy and/or take New England out. This is a good team.)

SEA @ CAR (+7.5) – Carolina has too much pride to get handled here – they may lose but they won’t get crushed (which is exactly what I said last week when they got crushed by Jax). (Surprised somewhat that Carolina won – though that’s a lie as I picked them in my straight up pool too. Holmgren has had some trouble in his coaching career with odd games like this – games his team should probably win).

INDY @ OAK (+10.5) – Bad spread here – Indy by 30 unless they pull starters. I haven’t read anything about what Al Davis makes of another crappy season – that’s because I don’t really care. Isn’t it amazing Oakland was in the Super Bowl a few years ago??? (This was actually a good game – Indy was challenged throughout.)

WASH @ NYG (-5.5) – Sorry Skins fans, this week Todd Collins will play like Eli usually does. After the game, Collins will make up a drink naming it after himself and get really hammered and think it’s hilarious that his drink sounds like another drink. (Though Collins played poorly, the Skins didn’t – resilient team these Skins. Will likely beat the Vikings this week).

Seven Vikings?

December 18, 2007

Seriously? This is the team the Packers have beaten twice, including a 34-0 ass-whooping? Some of these guys are deserving — Adrian Peterson, Steve Hutchinson, the Willams duo — but Darren Sharper? Sorry, Sharper used to play at a Pro Bowl level, but no longer.

More here.

Money quote:

The Packers are tied for the best record in the NFC at 12-2 and swept the Vikings this season, including a 34-0 smackdown on Nov. 11. Yet, the Vikings have twice as many starters in the Pro Bowl. Someone — anyone — tell me how this makes sense.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy immediately should be admitted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Anyone who can take a team with so little talent — according to the Pro Bowl voting released today — to the brink of gaining the No. 1 seed in the NFC deserves unanimous approval as coach of the year and should have his salary tripled.

Quick Thoughts on Pro Bowl Snubs

December 18, 2007

No question Nick Barnett was snubbed. He is 7th in the NFL in tackles with 119, 90 solo and 29 assists. He also has two picks and 3.5 sacks. I think Gred Bedard is right that he is arguably more responsible than anyone other than Favre for the Packers’ success this year. Lofa Tatupu, a solid player, has numbers that just don’t match up to Barnett’s. He is 20th in tackles with 101, 78 solo and 23 assists. He has one sack and four interceptions. Three of those picks came in the game last Sunday — just as vote were being cast. Good timing.Patrick Willis, a shoe-in for defensive rookie of the year, is the reserve. He should have been the starter, Barnett the back-up. Willis has 142 tackles, which leads the league, and his almost single-handedly kept San Francisco from being the worst team (and defense) in the league.I take Greg Bedard’s point about Greg Jennings and his 50 receptions, but ultimately I think Jennings was more deserving than either Donald Driver or Torry Holt. Jennings has 12 touchdowns, gaudy yards per catch numbers and RAC numbers, and he is a league leader in yards per game when you factor out the two games he missed. He has been better than either Driver or Holt.And then there’s Charles Woodson. I think he was more deserving than Al Harris, but Harris got so much love from the broadcasters this year — overdue, in my opinion — that he was all but assured of a trip.I do think it’s amazing that the 12-2 Cowboys got 11 starters, while the 12-2 Packers got four. And I agree with Andy that this should provide some motivation for those, like Barnett, who got snubbed.

Three Packers named starters for Pro Bowl

December 18, 2007

Check out Greg Bedard’s analysis of Pro Bowl selections. Driver is going as a reserve – only Favre, Kampman and Harris are starting. Here is the full roster.

Unreal that Barnett doesn’t make this team. Unreal – he is the leader of a strong defense that has risen over the last couple of years. He’s played better than Lofa Tatupu and Patrick Willis. Willis is a great rookie no question, but he has so many tackles only because nobody else can tackle anyone on SF. Ridiculous that Barnett is not at least a reserve.

Woodson has had a great season and should be starting opposite Harris. Marcus Trufant is only going because of interceptions numbers. Interceptions do change games, but so does solid tackling, veteran leadership and playing suffocating coverage. Also, Woodson has had much more of an impact on the field this year than Terrance Newman. Ridiculous.

In some sense though, perhaps it will help us down the road that Dallas has 11 players and the Packers only have 4 – that will be good motivational material.

Just garbage.

“Two Beers Later, It Was a Great Idea”

December 18, 2007

Brett Favre is going to Iraq. Sort of.

Like most Packers fans, Matthew Bannach, Jayson Wissmueller and Joe Stewart wanted Brett Favre’s autograph.

Not content to wait outside Lambeau Field with pen and paper, the three Marine lance corporals simply Googled the Green Bay quarterback’s signature, printed it and took the John Hancock to a tattoo artist in San Diego while they were on leave. Actually, Wissmueller organized it and talked Bannach and Stewart into getting the $50 tattoos in October.

“Two beers later, it was a great idea,” said Bannach, 21, of Franklin.

I’m completely sober and it’s still a great idea. (Be sure to check out the photo.) There is little question these guys drink Pabst.

I’ve only been tempted to get a tattoo once (Harley Davidson), but these Marines have got me thinking. I wonder what my wife would say. Actually, no I don’t.

It’s only fitting that the country — and Packer fans everywhere — raise a 12 oz. can of PBR to these guys at some point this week.

Deanna Favre to QB Atlanta?

December 18, 2007

So I’ve been able to stay almost entirely apolitical on this blog. But I hope you’ll forgive me this exception for the first genuinely funny thing published in a Norman Chad column in ten years.

David Weaver, from Birmingham, Alabama wrote in to ask: “If Hillary Clinton is qualified for the White House because she watched her husband be governor and president for 20 years, why haven’t the Atlanta Falcons offered their quarterback job to Deanna Favre?”

Who is this Tyna Marie Robertson?

December 18, 2007

Wow – just read this article on CNN. I just wanted to post this because I think it is so odd that this woman has apparently slept with both Michael Flatley and Brian Urlacher – two men who may in fact be the opposite of one another. This Tyna Marie must be a real catch…