2007 NFL – Preseason Prediction Review


Before the season, I sent my NFL season predictions to brother Steve. I will share them with you here. You will notice some great Nostradamus-like predictions and some serious crack-induced predictions. For the record, I had San Diego vs. Dallas in the Super Bowl.

NFC North: Detroit 11-5, GB 10-6, CHI 7-9, MN 5-11
NFC West: AZ 11-5, STL, 10-6, SF 8-8, SEA 7-9
NFC South: NO 12-4, TB 9-7, CAR 7-9, ATL 6-10
NFC East: DAL 10-6, WASH 10-6, PHI 7-9, NYG 6-10

AFC North: BALT 12-4, CLEVE 9-7, PITT, 6-10, CINCY 5-11
AFC West: DEN 12-4, SD 10-6, OAK, 7-9, KC 6-10
AFC South: INDY 12-4, HOU 9-7, TENN 6-10, JAX 5-11
AFC East: NYJ 11-5, NE 10-6, MIA 8-8, BUFF 6-10

I tend to want to just remember the picks that were close to being accurate: GB good, NFC North decent overall, Chicago crappy, TB good, Wash good, Dal good, Phil mediocre, Car mediocre, Cleve good, Cincy bad, Indy, good and Hou not bad. However, I can’t ignore the horrendous picks I had either: StL being good, NO being great, NYG being well below .500, Sea being sub-par, Balt being great, Pitt being bad, Den winning division, Jax and Tenn stinking and perhaps the worst division of picks, NYJ being 11-5 and Miami being 8-8.

This was fun and next year, we will post all of our pre-season NFL picks on packergeeks.com so that we can be held fully accountable for the predictions we make.

2 Responses to “2007 NFL – Preseason Prediction Review”

  1. Southpaw Says:

    You predicted Detroit to win the NFC North? Haha. In the beginning of the season I was thinking a Chargers/Saints superbowl. Funny how things change from year to year huh? Go Pack Go!

  2. seth Says:

    ARE U KIDDING ME?! lol this is the worst preaseason rankings ive ever seen. detroit 2 will the division? their 0-11! and the giants 2 be well below 500? last time i checked they were 10-1 and ranking first in all major polls. this is why they leave these things 2 ESPN. who gets it wrong 1/2 the time anyway…

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