Week 17 Spread Picks


NE @ NYG (+14.5) – Huge spread here. I can see Coughlin doing something stupid like playing his starters most of the game, having 2 or 3 of them get hurt and still getting crushed. Then Eli will make that loser face again and nobody will be sure if he is elated or suicidal.

BUFF @ PHILLY (-7.5) – Buff has been my go-to pick all year because I just like Buffalo. (And I’m not sure why really. Sure, I like Lee Evans and Tim Russert, who’s a huge Buffalo fan, but I’m still not sure. Maybe it’s because they are a small market, cold-weather team. Maybe it’s because I like eating buffalo meat). I do think Philly right now is the best non-playoff team in the league. Philly rolls in this one.

CINCY @ MIA (+2.5) – I have grown tired of Parcells and his ways. He will have an awfully difficult time NOT involving himself in GM/coaching roles. Has anyone ever noticed that he is just not fun to look at? He has a Mike Shermanesque body and he almost always has a scowl on his face (because he’s just been defensive about something).

SF @ CLEVE (-9.5) – Cleve needs this game and while they choked last week when they needed that game, I think they’ll get some revenge here on the poor SF. Now, this is assuming the quarterback with the highest winning percentage in NFL history is still having back problems and unable to play: the 2-0 Sean Hill.

DET @ GB (-3.5) – The Packers will win this one because McCarthy is pissed off about the Bears loss. Anyone else ticked off at the emphasis so many announcers (especially Aikman) put on the “Green” in Green Bay? Drives me nuts.

CAR @ TB (+2.5) – Tough game here. I can see Gruden coaching hard for a win for momentum sake, but Carolina has been a quality road team this year. TB is a pride-team though, so I have a hard time seeing Carolina winning here.

JAX @ HOU (-6.5) – Jax will go to the bench quickly in this one and no back-up corner can hang with Andre Johnson (even with the spice-man throwing to him).

SEA @ ATL (-2.5) – I would love to see Seattle lose by 30 so that their momentum for the playoffs might be in question. But that won’t happen, they’ll probably eke out a win and then crush whoever they face in the first round b/c of home-field advantage.

NO @ CHI (+2.5) – I want New Orleans because it may help wipe away the cocky, celebrating faces of the Bears players which I have come to resent.

STL @ ARI (-5.5) – Bulger apparently called Warner for advice on how to deal with his concussions and Warner told him to wait until he is ready to come back. There was seriously an article about this advice he gave this past week. Seriously. St. Louis here because that is lame/non advice. Warner is lame.

MIN @ DEN (+1.5) – Great quotes from Champ Bailey after Phillip Rivers trash-talked Jay Cutler. Read them here. Big game for MN, though a Wash loss at this point is unlikely.

SD @ OAK (+6.5) – Sapp is a moron. I’ll take Oakland here though as I think J-Marc may play so well that everyone begins to question why Oakland chose to waste a season NOT developing him.

PITT @ BALT (+5.5) – tough game – crack pick warning. McGahee is apparently out leaving Balt with officially zero offense. However, Roth will sit this one out and right now, several Ravens players apparently hate several Steelers. Taking Balt.

KC @ NYJ (-5.5) – blowout alert. Though there is the small side story of Edwards going back to NY for the first time, this game won’t be close. It will be Pennington’s last a Jet and he’ll go nuts. Great quarterbacks do that. By the way, why wouldn’t Chicago make a hard play for Pennington in the offseason?

DAL @ WASH (-7.5) – Sizeable spread here. I think Wash will win assuming Gibbs doesn’t break another rule costing 15 yards and eventually, the game. I will be rooting, however, for Wash to blowout Dal to leave Dal questioning a little bit how they have attained a rather lofty reputation despite some clear weaknesses.

TENN @ INDY (+6.5) – I know Indy will try hard to win this game. But Tenn has to win and I think Vince will have a huge game against a second-string defense. What happened to Jeff Fisher’s mullet? I miss that.

4 Responses to “Week 17 Spread Picks”

  1. Trav Says:

    I agree on the Parcells thing. I give it to Week 7 or 8 next year before he is coaching the Dolphins. There’s no chance that he can keep his hands out of the coaching/GM piece. He comments yesterday (“I have quite frankly been in this situation before…”) lays the groundwork hours into his first day on the job.

  2. Trav Says:

    Sorry, this cold medicine is getting to me. I meant “His comments yesterday…”

  3. awhayes Says:

    I agree Trav – he is way too much of a control freak. I can’t believe he last a few years in Dallas with Jerry Jones. Nice quote too…

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