Review of Week 15 Spread Picks (13wins 3 losses)


Last week was a nice week for the picks. Had a few errors but mostly a decent week. Here are the highlights and lowlights from this past week.

BALT @ MIA (+3.5) – Balt will have to find the courage to play this game well and I don’t think they will. My dream scenario of an 0-14 Miami team knocking off the 14-0 sweatshirt-wearing, cheating, swarthy Belichick and company may not get to happen. Miami wins. (Overtime thriller – Balt should have won though if Billick had any stones and/or the can’t-miss Stover makes an easy field goal).

JAX @ PITT (-3.5) – Jax is the better team I believe with the awakening of their offense. Jack “of the river” made a tough decision at the beginning of the year and I think it’s obvious now why he did it – Garrard looks tough. (Jax is scary and could dethrone Indy and/or take New England out. This is a good team.)

SEA @ CAR (+7.5) – Carolina has too much pride to get handled here – they may lose but they won’t get crushed (which is exactly what I said last week when they got crushed by Jax). (Surprised somewhat that Carolina won – though that’s a lie as I picked them in my straight up pool too. Holmgren has had some trouble in his coaching career with odd games like this – games his team should probably win).

INDY @ OAK (+10.5) – Bad spread here – Indy by 30 unless they pull starters. I haven’t read anything about what Al Davis makes of another crappy season – that’s because I don’t really care. Isn’t it amazing Oakland was in the Super Bowl a few years ago??? (This was actually a good game – Indy was challenged throughout.)

WASH @ NYG (-5.5) – Sorry Skins fans, this week Todd Collins will play like Eli usually does. After the game, Collins will make up a drink naming it after himself and get really hammered and think it’s hilarious that his drink sounds like another drink. (Though Collins played poorly, the Skins didn’t – resilient team these Skins. Will likely beat the Vikings this week).



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