National writers weigh in on Packer snubs


*Andrew Perloff ( worked up Woodson and Barnett left off – here.
*Pete Prisco ( believes Woodson not only should make the Pro Bowl, but is a Defensive Player of the Year candidate – here. In fact, Prisco believes both Woodson and Harris should be the NFC starters – me too. Prisco also wonders how Barnett could be left off.
*Vic Carruci ( has problems with Woodson and Barnett being left off, the Packers only having 4 players picked as well as Jennings not getting more attention – here.
*Alex Marvez ( doesn’t mention Woodson or Barnett, but has a beef with Mason Crosby and Chad Clifton being left off – here.


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One Response to “National writers weigh in on Packer snubs”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    Barnett has been so efficient and so ignored for so long it is still disappointing when he is left out, but not surprising. Kampman was ignored for so long as well. Woodson, as a big name, is more surprsing.
    I thought Corey Williams played at a pro-bowl level for much of the year (slowed the last few weeks), but haven’t heard his name mentioned at all. Anyone who has watched all of the pack games knows that Korey Hall has been as good as a fullback gets, especialy the last 6 weeks or so. what a steal he seems to be, he;ll only get better.

    Now, I hate the Eagles as much as anyone (lived there for grad school for a few years, and let’s just say the charms of the locals ensure that only locals will ever love that city) . . . but in perusing the stats in the last day or so, the guy who seems to me to have been most unjustly overlooked is Trent Cole. 12.5 sacks, with the most lost yardage, 100 yards (see yahoo link below), plus 11 “stuff” plays for another minus 22, plus a very respectable 65 tackles at DE. that is a man who has had a huge impact, and it’s hard to see who had a bigger impact on the D-line in the NFL this year. Like Kampman last year who had high sack totals to go along with high tackle numbers and durability, Cole not only deserves to start in the PB, he’s probably the D player of the year (just as Kampman should have been last year).

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