Quick Thoughts on Pro Bowl Snubs


No question Nick Barnett was snubbed. He is 7th in the NFL in tackles with 119, 90 solo and 29 assists. He also has two picks and 3.5 sacks. I think Gred Bedard is right that he is arguably more responsible than anyone other than Favre for the Packers’ success this year. Lofa Tatupu, a solid player, has numbers that just don’t match up to Barnett’s. He is 20th in tackles with 101, 78 solo and 23 assists. He has one sack and four interceptions. Three of those picks came in the game last Sunday — just as vote were being cast. Good timing.Patrick Willis, a shoe-in for defensive rookie of the year, is the reserve. He should have been the starter, Barnett the back-up. Willis has 142 tackles, which leads the league, and his almost single-handedly kept San Francisco from being the worst team (and defense) in the league.I take Greg Bedard’s point about Greg Jennings and his 50 receptions, but ultimately I think Jennings was more deserving than either Donald Driver or Torry Holt. Jennings has 12 touchdowns, gaudy yards per catch numbers and RAC numbers, and he is a league leader in yards per game when you factor out the two games he missed. He has been better than either Driver or Holt.And then there’s Charles Woodson. I think he was more deserving than Al Harris, but Harris got so much love from the broadcasters this year — overdue, in my opinion — that he was all but assured of a trip.I do think it’s amazing that the 12-2 Cowboys got 11 starters, while the 12-2 Packers got four. And I agree with Andy that this should provide some motivation for those, like Barnett, who got snubbed.


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3 Responses to “Quick Thoughts on Pro Bowl Snubs”

  1. Bill Walsh Says:

    I think you’re right, Steve. For those paying attention, the Packers linebackers have been exceptionally good. And Barnett has probably caused more havoc by himself than any other player on the defense, with the arguable (and hard-to-compare) exceptions of Kampman and Woodson this year. (Hawk & Harris have been very, very good, don’t get me wrong. And Brady Popinga is flying under the radar, I think.)

    And in terms of the receivers, yeah, I’d say—slightly grudgingly—that you’re right. Jennings has been their scariest weapon all year. Driver is very good, no question, but he hasn’t had the game-breakers like Jennings. I think it’s a couple things: one, Driver has name recognition (whereas the extent of Jennings’ contribution is probably mostly unknown outside Wisconsin); two, he’s still awfully good at doing all the little things; and three, come on, he’s Donald Driver! He’s an incredibly affable, likable guy.

    I think between his résumé, reputation, and charisma, it’s no surprise that he’d garner more votes in a national popularity contest, whereas, as you point out, Jennings has had a better year.

    Hail to the Redskins.
    Requiescat in pace, XXI.

  2. packersfantom Says:

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  3. packsmack Says:

    Barnett did get shafted; and he is the heart of the defense. This will and should tick the man off. Being the emotional player he is, I am thinking that these next few weeks his game might include some scorn-motivated intensity. Can’t say I won’t enjoy seeing it getting taken out on the Bears.

    And Woodson? Another shaft job. He’s better than Al Hair-is. Love Woodson. He should be starting in the Pro Bowl.

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