No crack smoking here…


As he is wont to do (wont is a great word), Steve is getting carried away here. I’ve stated throughout that I think Jennings is “very good”, to quote myself. He has a knack for getting to the endzone and he’s a great YAC player. No question. He’s smart and a top-flight #2 receiver. I don’t have a man-aversion, as it may be (alert: new verbal immunity expression), to Jennings. I just don’t have a suffocating mancrush on him like Steve does. The crux of my argument is simply that I think he seems to be working hard to get Favre to throw bombs to him and it may be leading to unnecessary turnovers. (Not just in St. Louis twice but also in the Dallas game and a few other games). And nowhere did I say or imply Favre is having a bad season. Obviously that’s not the case as he’s been outstanding – but he has thrown several picks. My argument hinges on my belief that at least several of the picks Favre has thrown this year were perhaps not caused, but at least affected, by Jennings’ overzealosity, if you like.

I’ll admit, I’m picking at a small thing but great teams (and their fans/bloggers) should be able to analyze the small things in an effort to zone in on perfection.


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