Response to response on Jennings


I wouldn’t say Jennings was open on either of those 2 interceptions yesterday with a defensive back in tight coverage and a safety over to help. In fact, his unwideness, as it were, was clearly what led to the interceptions. And, adding to the frustration, he didn’t seem to do much in the way of trying to disrupt the picks either. Wuss. James Jones at least would have tried to break up the pass. And, Jennings’ smiling the whole time doesn’t mean much – a used car salesman smiles at you too, it’s a tool for persuasion. Again, Jennings isn’t bad – he’s very good, but it’s still likely he’s playing a role in some of Favre’s chancy throws into coverage.

Now more importantly, to ward off any concerns readers may have re my athletic prowess, I’ll immodestly share that my football career began as the 1st pick overall in the 1982 McKinley Elementary School Draft (3rd grade). I didn’t disappoint. I played all positions including handling the punting and kicking duties (20 yards per punt – nerf). But when I was the wideout, I just let my burning speed aided by my Zips and my wideopenness, if you like, do the talking. No need to badger the QB, the QB knew I was always “wide” and that I’d be money in the YAC department.

How were you, Steve in elementary football – or were you already sidelined by Osgood Schlatter’s?


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