Is Jennings that annoying kid in grade school?


Because CBS, Fox and the NFL Network focus 90% of their broadcasts on the Packers and often just on Favre, we as fans have the benefit of seeing lots of Favre’s sideline interactions. Over the course of the season I’ve watched these interactions and have been particularly interested in Favre’s frequent discussions with Greg Jennings. Brother Steve astutely called the overtime bomb in Denver that Favre heaved to Jennings because throughout that game, there were several shots of Jennings talking to Favre and Steve surmised that something was brewing. Nice call Steve. However, I’ve noticed that several of Favre’s picks this year have been on passes thrown to Jennings (not just the 2 yesterday) and I’ve begun to worry a bit that Favre is being lured into these throws by an overzealous Greg Jennings.

Is Jennings that kid in grade school who comes back to the huddle proclaiming after each play that he was “wide” and that the QB should just “throw a bomb” because he’ll just get it. I think so. I do like Jennings and think he’s a high quality receiver (though I don’t have the mancrush on him that Steve does). I’m just concerned that he may have the power of persuasion with Favre that could be causing some unnecessary turnovers. The same play has worked in other games, but opponents may be catching on.


2 Responses to “Is Jennings that annoying kid in grade school?”

  1. Aaron Says:

    THAT is some high-quality speculation right there.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Thanks Aaron – as you know, only deep, well-thought-out arguments here at Packergeeks! I actually wrote that in part to spark a reaction from my brother who thinks Jennings can do no wrong.

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