Packers Will Win Super Bowl


They rank the Packers #3 in their Power Rankings this week and predict that the Packers upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl and that Favre will “pull an Elway.”  It’s here


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2 Responses to “ Packers Will Win Super Bowl”

  1. Register Allocation Says:

    Anyone who thinks this year’s Dolphins are anywhere near the “worst team ever” needs to go contemplate the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 0-14, including four shut-outs. They never scored more than 20 points, and only twice held an opponent to fewer than 20 points.

    I don’t know if they’re the worst ever, but the ’76 Bucs are certainly the worst team going back to 1970.

  2. T-bonz Says:

    Packers will win superbowl…. I am die-hard raiders fan,,, Patriots will not know how to play against the pack!!!! woodsen..and harris will stop the big 3.. and brady will not know how to defend against this style of football.

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