Good Bedard points re Packers secondary


Greg Bedard writes here about the how the Packers secondary could play a key role going forward into the playoffs. As he notes, the Packers are pretty solid on offense, defense, special teams – few glaring weaknesses. But the play of the nickel and dime corners could indeed be critical. Teams struggle to beat us with their #1 and #2 receivers – but tight ends, fullbacks and #3-4 receivers tend to hurt us. So, not only is the play of these back-up corners important, so is the play of the safeties and Brady Poppinga. Poppinga has been a coverage liability all year and his weaknesses concern me as the games become more important. Any team we face from here on out with more than 2 receiving targets could pose some problems unless these guys all step it up. I do like Rouse being available though – maybe he should just fill in for Poppinga and play a safety/linebacker combo position.

I just hope McCarthy continues to have the stones to yank anyone who has been struggling if they do things that hurt the team in these important games (Bigby, Poppinga, Bush, Jenkins, Colledge – you’re all on notice).


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