Coston may be out – hurry-up offense in


From Mike Clemons, WSSP’s Green and Gold Insider: apparently Junius Coston has had trouble making a go of it in practice due to the ankle and he may not start/play Sunday. Also, Clemons reported that McCarthy and the team have been working on an offense this week where the players get out of the huddle fast in an effort to disrupt the frequent blitzing by the Rams defense.This brings me to a thought: why don’t the Packers use the hurry-up offense more? In fact, why don’t more teams do this? Whenever it’s done, it seems to work. It may be tiring for an offense, but it is exhausting for a defense and there is usually not time for the defense to make the necessary adjustments. It can lead to lots of favorable match-ups for an offense (receivers being defended by linebackers, nobody guarding the RBs or FBs, tight ends being wide open).


2 Responses to “Coston may be out – hurry-up offense in”

  1. Roy Says:

    GB has went hurry up a few time this year and each time it was after a big play or first down and it was a disaster. This team is doing well, moving the ball and eating time. Unless their is a real need for a hurry up offense, I say leave it alone.

    The biggest weakness right now is the defense, keep it off the field and it won’t screw it up. GB is not getting the pass rush like they did at the begining of the season. The DBs are having a hard time in covering the middle, and the Safety play has been at best fair this year. A huury up offense could put the defense on the field too much.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Good point re clock control and not putting too much pressure on our defense. However, I don’t remember the hurry-up being a “disaster” when we’ve tried it and overall, it makes more sense to add potentially useful dimensions to our offense rather than settling for how things are. I agree, we have a powerful and effective offense for the most part as it is, but certain playoff defenses may be able to disrupt our offense more effectively than some of the weaker defenses we’ve played and it would be nice to have another offensive formula we could unload on an unsuspecting defense.

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