Week 15 Spread Picks


DEN @ HOU (-1.5) – Houston might go nuts here. Denver has been an inconsistent team to say the least. Ron Dayne might run wild – yes Ron Dayne, the greatest college running back of all-time.
CINCY @ SF (+8.5) – This is a game I’d rather not pick because I care so little about the outcome. I’ll take SF because they can’t burn me 2 weeks in a row and it’s kind of fun to watch Carson Palmer arguing with his receivers.
BALT @ MIA (+3.5) – Balt will have to find the courage to play this game well and I don’t think they will. My dream scenario of an 0-14 Miami team knocking off the 14-0 sweatshirt-wearing, cheating, swarthy Belichick and company may not get to happen. Miami wins.
TENN AT KC (+3.5) – At this point in the season, I’ll bet it is just plain annoying to listen to Herm Edwards trying to pump up the team. My guess is on Sunday, someone interrupts him and says, “coach, we absolutely suck, we have a one-man offense, a one-man defense, not sure we even play special teams and really, your horse voice and intensity are just tired Herm (nice name by the way)…just tired”.
NYJ @ NE (+24.5) – Boy would it be great if NYJ pulled the upset of all upsets, but it won’t happen with Clemens. Steve would accuse me of still being bitter that Pennington was benched (and I am), but Clemens is not the answer. The church-going side is fighting my writing this, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an important Patriots player get injured (“not career threatening or anything” my church-side adds).
GB @ STL (+9.5) – Tough one (though not tough when I always know I always pick the Packers). If Bulger plays, which it seems he might, this could be a more difficult game than Packer fans might think. Bulger still throws to Bruce, Holt, McMichael and has Jackson running behind him. This is an important game to show that the Pack is really dominant. However, I’d rather lose this game than either of the next two.
ATL @ TB (-10.5) – Petrino is a moron. What does their interim coach, former secondary coach Emmitt Thomas (strange promotion) say in the pre-game? He says, “Vick is gone, coach Petrino is gone, Harrington/Leftwich/Redman all are terrible, TB’s defense is impenetrable, Jon Gruden is kind of a dork, city of Tampa is really weird, but it isn’t far from some nice resorts where we can all have a few cocktails while looking over the ocean, let our kids play on the beach, set up a tee time…set up a tee time…set up a tee time…”
BUFF @ CLEVE (-5.5) – Finally, the buff and the cleve playing in the snow. This spread is too high, Buff is too tenacious to not keep this closer.
JAX @ PITT (-3.5) – Jax is the better team I believe with the awakening of their offense. Jack “of the river” made a tough decision at the beginning of the year and I think it’s obvious now why he did it – Garrard looks tough.
AZ @ NO (-3.5) – New Orleans is bound to go nuts in this one. AZ loss last week took the wind out of the sails. They’re finished. If NO loses though, fans are likely to blame it on Katrina.
SEA @ CAR (+7.5) – Carolina has too much pride to get handled here – they may lose but they won’t get crushed (which is exactly what I said last week when they got crushed by Jax).
INDY @ OAK (+10.5) – Bad spread here – Indy by 30 unless they pull starters. I haven’t read anything about what Al Davis makes of another crappy season – that’s because I don’t really care. Isn’t it amazing Oakland was in the Super Bowl a few years ago???
DET @ SD (-10.5) – Detroit is done after last week’s letdown. Psychologically, when a team sees their playoff hopes dashed in that kind of way, one little letdown in any subsequent game (Kitna fumble in the first quarter for example) and Detroit is done.
PHILLY @ DAL (-10.5) – Romo, still reveling in his newfound celebrity, was apparently spotted having a romantic dinner for two in Hollywood with Betty White – “we’re just friends, but we’ll see where it goes,” Romo said optimistically.
WASH @ NYG (-5.5) – Sorry Skins fans, this week Todd Collins will play like Eli usually does. After the game, Collins will make up a drink naming it after himself and get really hammered and think it’s hilarious that his drink sounds like another drink.
CHI @ MINN (-9.5) – Tarvaris has a 74% completion rate in his last 5 games. Pure talent, Steve, pure talent. The opposing quarterback Orton has a career 10-5 record, but a 59 quarterback rating. Chicago should cut all 3 of their Qbs in the off-season.



2 Responses to “Week 15 Spread Picks”

  1. Trav Says:

    Great job on the picks this week!

    I have to ask that after another embarassing Ravnes loss, their 8th in a row, does Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti still think that Billick is the man to lead their team next year and beyond? His lack of stones to take a crack at winning the game with 0:12 left from the half yard line should be enough for Bisciotti to retract that statement and show him the door. If I were a Ravens fan, I would be calling for his head!

  2. awhayes Says:

    Thanks Trav, got lucky this week. I hear you on the Billick thing. I heard just last week I believe that Billick’s job should be safe for 2008 and was surprised to hear that even before the Miami loss. I do rather enjoy it though when coaches play way conservative and lose because of it. Ridiculous not to go for the win in that situation. If I were a Ravens fan, I too would be calling for a new coach. Billick brought them a Super Bowl, but his time there should be done.

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