Review of Week 14 Spread Picks (9wins 7losses)


In my weekly look back at some of my picks from last week, found some nuggets and some horrible picks…

* CHI @ WASH (-2.5) Not sure here. Went with Wash despite the Sean Salisburyesque overstatement made to my wife after last week’s massive Gibb’s blunder “no chance, the Skins won’t win another game this year, maybe not even next year”. (Surprising how the Skins won – apparently Al Saunders loves Collins so maybe that had something to do with his mysterious domination).

* DAL @ DET (+10.5) Here’s another game, probably my crack pick, where I differ from most. Detroit may be on a slide, K Jones and R Williams may have said they want out of Detroit, and Kitna may have a bounty on his head, but I may be the only one who still thinks there is a reason Detroit started 6-2. Dallas overlooks them and pays (31-28 Detroit). (One Jason Hanson shocking miss from getting this right, almost to the point).

* CAR @ JAX (-10.5) Here’s a game the “experts” and I are very different on (most of them have Jax in a blowout). Carolina is one of the top road teams in the league. I sense Jax may not be ready for this one. (Way off…way, way off)

* MN @ SF (+7.5) MN has been stuck for several years now because they tend to fade and lose games they need to win. Despite the great ground game and brilliant QB, MN will struggle in this game and if they win, it will be another Longwell game-winner. (Oops…)


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