Javon Walker — Good Riddance


Further evidence that the Packers made a good move in trading Javon Walker to the Denver Broncos. There is speculation in Denver that Walker may be gone after this year. His continuing knee problems, his high salary and the emergence of Brandon Marshall make him expendable.The Packers traded Walker for the Broncos’ second-round pick in 2006, the 37th overall. They quickly dealt that pick (and a fifth rounder) to Atlanta for the Falcons’ second, third and fifth round picks — in effect, picking up two picks for Walker, who had declared that he would retire before playing again for the Packers.  The Packers then turned those three picks into several more.  The results: Daryn Colledge, Ingle Martin, Will Blackmon, Tyron Culver and Johnny Jolly.The Packers also traded away the 36 overall pick to the New England Patriots.  The Packers got two picks (52 and 75 overall), which they used to pick Greg Jennings — would would become Javon Walker’s replacement — and Jason Spitz.It’s still early, but the 2006 Packer draft looks awfully good right now.  And getting rid of Javon Walker is a big reason that’s true. 

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  1. Cheesehead TV » Post Topic » Finally, Somebody Gets It. Says:

    […] made the right move in trading Javon Walker. I now know I have at least one ally in that regard. Good points from Steve over at PackerGeeks regarding the man who once equated playing a season of professional football with having to do a […]

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