Sean Salisbury — No Talent Ass Clown


I’m sure many of you share this view.  Sean Salisbury is the worst NFL analyst on television.  There’s Brian Baldinger.   There’s Bryant Gumbel.  And then there’s Sean Salisbury.  He might be the worst commentator “on the planet.” He’s arrogant and he doesn’t actually know anything.  He carried a clipboard in the NFL.  All of that, and he’s a boor off-the-field.  Why ESPN employs this guys remains a complete mystery to me and the thousands of others who would watch “NFL Live” if we didn’t have to see Salisbury. It might be because he calls himself “a top NFL analyst.” Or because he gives you “everything you want, and then some,” and because he says it with the tough-guy demeanor of a lineman.Usually, this kind of criticism requires arguments, evidence.  Not this one. Just go to Salisbury’s own website.  It is hilarious.  He wants you to pay for his wisdom.  I’m not kidding.  It’s at  Please watch the video. It might be the funniest thing “on the planet.”  For those of you who cannot get it, I’ve excerpted it below. Unreal.

We’re going to talk the best football on the planet right here. And then we’ll expand to basketball and baseball. I’m going to show you that I’m not just a one-hit wonder with football. We can talk all these sports. But I want your input. This is going to be the most interactive website on the planet…Everything you want, and then some. My goal is to make this the best single-person website on the planet. Cause you know, a lot of people don’t care. A lot of people want to get paid and do their thing. I care about you. And I’m going to bring you inside the huddle and onto the sidelines and make this exactly what you want, and then some…Let’s also do some battle. Opinions are great – differing opinions are great. And we’re going to make this the best in the business. Tell you friends about it and keep checking it out because if you want the best information on the planet it’s right here on 


2 Responses to “Sean Salisbury — No Talent Ass Clown”

  1. Aaron Says:

    “Experience Sean Salisbury like never before. ”


  2. Sean Salisbury fired - Steve, your request granted « packergeeks Says:

    […] Click here for more on Sean Salisbury, who said of […]

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