Pabst sponsorship on the horizon??? – we’ll await response…


Dear Pabst:

For years, Pabst has been to my brother Steve and I like Elsinore Brewery was to the McKenzie Brothers – eh? Pabst and Pabst Light continue to be quality products that we consume regularly.

We are writing with the intention of getting sponsorship from Pabst for our new website, So far, we’ve had over 3500 hits since we started just over a month ago. Can you imagine the marketing power and the potential business Pabst could generate by aligning with I can. I was thinking about it the other night in fact. For example, by now, some 3500 visitors could have seen a Pabst Logo in the corner of our website, or perhaps won a Pabst T-shirt in one of our contests (and then gone on to tell his friends about this cool beer on his new T-shirt), or better still, a reader could have linked to the Pabst website directly and special ordered 30,000-40,000 cases of Pabst for an elaborate Christmas party. YOU NEVER KNOW!!!

We’re not sure who exactly is reading the content of this website, but there are two things we do know: 1) they are mostly Packer fans (though we’re getting more general NFL traffic now) and 2) 98% of them likely drink beer (many of them may already be Pabst drinkers, but probably some also drink Miller Lite only because lots of people do, but maybe they are really not satisfied with it and would be quite vulnerable to a subtle, well-placed Pabst logo on a Packers website).

We have not asked anyone to be a sponsor yet because we wanted to make Pabst our first (and possibly only) sponsor. We are hoping to be able to put a Pabst logo on our website, we are hoping for some T-shirts we can give away as part of several contests we’re planning and finally, and not least, we are hoping for a couple of cases of beer a month to help fuel the creative juices that keep this website alive, unique and insightful.

We thank you sincerely for your consideration.


Steve and Andy Hayes

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