Kurt Shottenheimer – why is he still here?


For those of you wondering why Jarrett Bush is still the #3 cornerback, this may offer us a clue (from defensive backs coach Kurt Shottenheimer):

“Clearly, (Bush) won the third corner position coming out of training camp. We know who the top two corners are (Woodson and Al Harris), but we realize these are very skilled athletes that we’d like to get on the field as much as we possibly can. The more you get them out there against quality receivers, you get a chance to work on their development.” (in Rob Demovsky’s article you can read here).

I do agree that clearly, in the beginning of the season Bush was a quality corner who looked to have talent and a future. His first few games were solid. But over the course of the season, the guy has come to resemble Ahmad Carroll getting burned regularly and committing unbelievably obvious pass interference calls. I wouldn’t cut him or anything yet, but it definitely seems like it’s stubbornness (Shottenheimer) that is keeping this guy ahead of Williams and Blackmon right now. This is the same kind of blind loyalty that I believe rightfully cost Mike Sherman his job.

Now, Shottenheimer himself is another story. How does a guy with his poor track record overall but especially with the Packers, get rehired. Despite never meeting him, I know that the answer can’t be that he has a magnetic, enjoyable personality – it can’t be, he’s Marty Shottenheimer’s brother and Marty is the King of the cardboard personality. Can you imagine a conversation between Marty, Kurt Shottenheimer and Al Gore – painful thought.


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