America’s Team – New England??? Schefter on crack???


Read this article in which Adam Schefter, a writer who has begun to bother me, tries to argue that New England is borrowing the Cowboys title of America’s Team this year. I’ll agree that we are all interested in whether New England can go 16-0 and they are an impressive team, but America’s Team wouldn’t cheat, they wouldn’t be led by a wanker of a coach and they wouldn’t have dirty players like Vince Wilfork (dirtiest hit of the season on Losman) and Rodney “fine me” Harrison. Yes, they are undefeated and are an impressive team, but no, they are not America’s Team and they will never obtain that title as long as Sweatshirt Belichick roams the sidelines. (Of course, I would also argue that Jerry Jones’ obnoxiousness should eliminate Dallas from consideration too – leaving the Packers as the only logical choice).

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