Old Man Injury #1


Brother Steve and I often talk about the unbelievably lame injuries we suffer due to nothing other than old age. This morning, my right arm was full of stuff to take to work and because I typically keep my keys in my left front pocket, I reached in there to get them. However, this time, I put my cell phone in my left front pocket and my keys in my right front pocket. So, suddenly, I couldn’t get to my car keys unless I either put all the stuff in my right arm on the dirty garage floor or I did the criss-cross and tried to grab the keys out of my right front pocket with my left hand. Of course I tried this, then I heard a faint popping noise. Now, I doubt it is anything serious, but my shoulder still hurts now several hours later. Perhaps it was a Brett Favre sympathy injury – I may have subconsiously decided at some point to injure my left shoulder so I could know what it would be like to go to work with such an injury.


4 Responses to “Old Man Injury #1”

  1. dhayes Says:

    When does one cross the threshold into oldmandom? I’ve had some bizarre and inexplicable back pain recently and I’m only twenty five. Could this be a result of the gut I woke up with on my 24th birthday?

  2. Trav Says:

    In the last year, I have run a handful of 5k races, 2 half-marathons, completed a triathlon, and endured hundreds of hours of training to prepare for them. No injuries to speak of during that time. The closest I came to an injury was when I almost drown on a training swim in Pewaukee Lake (technically not a physical injury, probably more of a “mental” injury). This morning, while peeling an apple for my daughter, I turned to open a drawer and I pulled a muscle in my lower back. Moral of the story: stay out of the kitchen. Oldmandom is brutal.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Nice Steve – nice. The best part of your story is the fact that you are otherwise in great shape, making the injury even harder to explain – only oldmandom can be the explanation.

    And Dan, back pain at 25? That’s impressive and it may indeed be your invite into oldmandom. I didn’t start my back problems until 28 or so and that was due to golfing incessantly. Can you think of any other reason you may have developed the back pain?

  4. More Oldmandom, If You Will « packergeeks Says:

    […] If You Will Youngest Brother Dan writes with a question prompted by Brother Andy’s post on Old Man Injury #1. When does one cross the threshold into oldmandom? I’ve had some bizarre and […]

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