Week 14 Spread Picks


* CHI @ WASH (-2.5) Not sure here. Went with Wash despite the Sean Salisburyesque overstatement made to my wife after last week’s massive Gibb’s blunder “no chance, the Skins won’t win another game this year, maybe not even next year”.
* TB @ HOU (+2.5) When I think of TB, I have this permanent image of Ronde Barber etched in my brain. It is of him picking up a fumble and running for a TD. Why is this? Has he done this a lot? Houston though because I can’t figure out why TB is 8-4.
* STL @ CINCY (-5.5) St. Louis here because Cincy’s body language during the Pitt game last week was very bad. Also St. Louis ain’t bad – and will be the Packers toughest opponent toward the end here.
* MIA @ BUFF (-6.5) Maybe Miami is just really really horrible. For weeks, I’ve picked them hoping they’d cover and stop being redefeated, as it were, but they continue to disappoint and totally suck. I will pick them to win next week against New England just because it would be great if that happened.
* OAK @ GB (-10.5) Tough spread here. Oak is like those chicks in college (we called them EODs – every-other-day) who had some game in the looks department one day and the next you wonder what you were thinking. Oak has shown flashes this year but I’ll bank on this being the “other” day. (Actually, I always pick the Packers, that’s why I’m taking them here).
* NYG @ PHILLY (-2.5) I hesitate to write an Eli rip here considering he pretty much drove them down and led them to victory last week – but my hesitation has ended. Eli Manning is a dweeb. I can easily hear him saying meekly from the bottom of the pile “get off, gosh, you guys are so mean, get off…” Philly because of Akers.
* CAR @ JAX (-10.5) Here’s a game the “experts” and I are very different on (most of them have Jax in a blowout). Carolina is one of the top road teams in the league. I sense Jax may not be ready for this one.
* DAL @ DET (+10.5) Here’s another game, probably my crack pick, where I differ from most. Detroit may be on a slide, K Jones and R Williams may have said they want out of Detroit, and Kitna may have a bounty on his head, but I may be the only one who still thinks there is a reason Detroit started 6-2. Dallas overlooks them and pays (31-28 Detroit).
* SD @ TENN (+1.5) Tough one here. Both teams are decent – went with SD as they are in need of a statement game, this could be it.
* MN @ SF (+7.5) MN has been stuck for several years now because they tend to fade and lose games they need to win. Despite the great ground game and brilliant QB, MN will struggle in this game and if they win, it will be another Longwell game-winner.
* AZ @ SEA (-6.5) AZ because I want AZ. I’m getting a bit tired of Qwest Field and its loudness, which may be due to 70,000 fans having had 4-6 cups of coffee each while tailgating. Coffee is better for fan-cheering-cohesion as the people are extra alert and on-task – compared to beer which doesn’t always help with cohesion (but still is the way more appropriate tailgate beverage).
* KC @ DEN (-6.5) How can KC score points? KC has one good offensive player – Tony Gonzalez. They have no running game now, no QB, terrible receivers (though Bowe is at least emerging). How have they won 4 games?
* CLEVE @ NYJ (+3.5) The Cleve will pull this out because they need to for playoff reasons, but it will be close.
* PITT @ NE (-14.5) Surprising point spread this late in the year for a night game in the cold. Pitt will hang tough, will definitely cover, maybe win, but the story of the game will be Randy Moss not going full speed due to cold weather.
* INDY @ BALT (+9.5) In my confidence pool, at one point I put a bunch of points on Indy (thinking Balt still devastated after last week) and then I put a bunch of points on Balt thinking maybe they are decent. In the end, I’ll go with Balt just because I think games this time of year tend to be closer.
* NO @ ATL (+4.5) Redman starting now? Wow. Like most quarterbacks coming into a situation like this, he’ll ride big-time momentum and crowd excitement to a lead in the first half, then Brees will throw for 300 in the second half. Vick will say “damn” from his cell.


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