Favre Practices, Looks Good


This comes from Tom Silverstein’s Thursday practice report. Favre “threw a lot in the early drills, although he never really let one snap. He didn’t appear to have any problem gripping the ball or throwing a spiral.”

Favre also said yesterday that he didn’t anticipate having any trouble playing on Sunday. Fortunately, for the Packers, their opponent is Oakland, which has one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. It’s important for the Packers not to look past this game — a potential since their last game, against Dallas, received so much hype. Oakland has won two weeks in a row and their offense, particularly journeyman Justin Fargas, has looked decent.

Still, it makes sense for the Packers offensive gameplan to include lots of Ryan Grant. This serves two purposes. First, it should help win the game, since the Raiders struggle so mightily against the run. But second, it will also reinforce to future oppoents what should already be clear: the Packers can run the ball. Grant has had strong games against three teams who ranked in the NFL’s top 10 rushing defenses when the Packers played them (Minnesota, Detroit and Dallas).


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