Review of Week 13 Spread Picks (7Wins 9Losses)


As always, I go back each week and review some of my spread picks from the previous week.

NE @ BALT (+20.5) Another ridiculous spread, but not surprising considering Balt may have one of the league most pathetic offenses. However, it will likely be fairly cold and I don’t think NE’s passing machine will continue in cold weather – they are due for a loss or 2 in the next few weeks. (Good call here, NE seems to be slipping – wouldn’t it be something if NE, still undefeated, lost to Miami, still redefeated, in Week 15).

NYG @ CHI (+1.5) Crack pick – Chicago in a blowout. The wheels will fall off in this one and we’ll all be rewarded by getting to see a Giants team in turmoil again. The lowly Bears will put together an uncharacteristic performance and handle the Giants. Other Giants will begin to show loser faces of their own following Eli’s lead. (Even though I labeled this a crack pick, horrible prediction. Somehow, Eli led them to a victory here. Chicago does suck, but still, this call was way off…way off…)

Mediumlight – as it were:
DET @ MN (-3.5) Tarvaris Jackson’s greatness in this game will be noted, but pale in comparison to a monster game from Kitna. But brother Steve and the rest of the NFL will realize after this game why Jackson is the right man in MN. (Interesting, both a nice call on Jackson having a great game but Kitna wasn’t much of a factor).


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