Response to crack smoking accusation


To the untrained eye, Steve’s response to my Tarvaris Jackson warning may have seemed critical or “mocking” as he prefers. But my interpretation is that he is actually fighting himself right now not to agree with me. His comment that Tarvaris doesn’t “completely suck” may have seemed like a non-comment to most, but considering how many times Steve has bashed Tarvaris and overstated his poor quality, not “completely sucking” from Steve is a verbal step up from being “horrible”, the “worst QB in the NFL”, “just another one of your lame mancrushes” etc. Now, I think it’s fair we give Tarvaris until the end of the season to prove he’s got some game, but if he does that, Steve will need to hold himself accountable for his position that Tarvaris is not quality.


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One Response to “Response to crack smoking accusation”

  1. LOTGK Says:

    First, I am a Viking fan so my opinion is biased for sure. With that in mind…
    T. Jackson is an inexperienced quarterback thrown into the fire.
    Plenty of talk that he has all the skills to be a great quarterback, but as we all know, sometimes those skills never surface.

    Jackson has shown flashes of greatness but also flashes of horrible decision making. IMO, I think Jackson needed more before before rushing him in.

    It will take at least another season to make an honest opinion on whether Jackson is the man or just another stop gap until the next QB with raw talent and all the skills come along.

    You as a Packer fan, are very lucky with Favre, multi all pro record holding QB still with the zip and guts to play. He has positioned the team to make a serious run at the superbowl.

    For us viking fans, a 6-6 is unbelievable for us, with our horrendous start, we are lucky to be 500.

    Good luck in the playoffs, perhaps, just perhaps, if the cards fall right, and the ball bounces correctly, we may meet yet again in the playoffs.

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