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Zone Defense?

November 29, 2007

Why is Al Harris passing off T.O. on every play? Because the Packers are frequently playing zone defense. Why? Good question. The Cowboys quickly realized that they could get favorable matchups for T.O. just by sending him in motion. So they’re doing it on virtually every play. And the Packers put players like AJ Hawk and Nick Collins on the league’s second leading receiver.


Will Blackmon?

November 29, 2007

Did somebody say replace Bush with Will Blackmon? Or Tramon Williams? Or Mark Tauscher?

Favre is Pressing

November 29, 2007

With the Packers down 10 points early in the second quarter, Favre is pressing. He’s twice thrown into double-coverage and twice gotten lucky that the balls weren’t intercepted. He needs to calm down and throw the ball short.

Time for Will Blackmon

November 29, 2007

I don’t care if he’s hurt, Blackmon needs to come in for Jarrett Bush. He sucks. I’ll say it again. He’s a huge liability. Huge.

Hawk Covering TO?

November 29, 2007

Seriously, what kind of defensive scheme has AJ Hawk covering Terrell Owens, ever?

Packers Seize it Back

November 29, 2007

Big run by Ryan Grant. 62 yards for a touchdown. He looks good.

Cowboys Seize Momentum

November 29, 2007

After a terrible — really inexplicable — throw from Favre to Ken Hamlin, the Cowboys threw a quick pass to a wide open Terrell Owens. Two plays later, Romo fired a bullet to Patrick Crayton, who left Jarrett Bush 15 feet behind him on a simple move. Bush is a huge liability. He cannot play man-to-man with a third rate wide receiver.

Brilliant Challenge

November 29, 2007

Even though the Packers lost that challenge, it was smart to do it. McCarthy forced the moron referee to watch his crew screw up a major call less than five minutes into this game. It may not make any difference — see Andy’s “Leslie Nielsen theory of Officiating” — but not a bad idea to force the ref to watch his mistakes.

That said, it is a potentially huge botched call. Think about the momentum shift if the Packers had been awarded the ball after Harris’ strip.

UPDATE: Gred Bedard adds: “Not sure what the officials saw but it sure looked like Harris had an INT.”

Bullshit Call

November 29, 2007

Al Harris stripped the ball before Terrell Owens was out of bounds but the refs apparently blew the whistle. Harris very clearly had the ball before he went out of bounds.

Terrible No-Call

November 29, 2007

Anthony Henry was holding Donald Driver’s arm on the third down pass in the end zone. He was also face-guarding and never looked back for the ball. Two different kinds of pass interference. No call. That may have been a four-point no-call. Good for Crosby for making the kick.

Packers up 3-0.