Play of the Game


There are several nominees. The questionable pass interference on Tramon Williams, good for 40 yards on the Cowboys decisive drive. The botched call on Al Harris’ strip of Terrell Owens on the Cowboys first drive. Mason Crosby’s 52-yard field goal late in the game on 4th and 1, a decision that meant the Packers would rely on their defense to stop the Cowboys before getting another shot with the ball.

But for me, the clear play of the game was the Packers’ failure to stop the Cowboys on 3rd and 19 deep in Cowboys territory. At the time, the score was 27-24, and if the Packers had been able to hold them on that play, we would have gotten the ball back with good field position and a chance to have our second-string quarterback lead the team on its third touchdown drive. That would have not only changed the score, but would have likely been very demoralizing to a Cowboy team that looked out of sorts at the beginning of the second half.

But the Packers looked to be playing some kind of zone, and when three Packers followed Terrell Owens over the middle, Patrick Crayton was wide open — and I mean W I D E open — on the left sideline.

There wasn’t much written today about the Packers defensive scheme, but I hope we get some more analysis of it in the second-day stories. Maybe I’m wrong, but it sure seemed like we went away from our man-to-man press coverage (perhaps to compensate for the loss of Woodson). It would be great to know more.

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3 Responses to “Play of the Game”

  1. Ace Says:

    Agree-3rd and 19 was the play of the game. Each injured Packer was significant, including those that played hurt like Tauscher, Collins and Tramon Williams. We needed KGB. Romo had all kinds of time. Next time may well be different. In the playoffs, Packers by 7 at Dallas.

  2. andyadontstop Says:

    the pass interference was not questionable…the defender never looked back, therefore he did not make a play on the ball. this is why it was not considered incidental contact.

    but, you’re right about the botched challenge…your team got robbed. al harris took that ball right from TO’s hands inbounds.

  3. Play of the Game, Continued « packergeeks Says:

    […] of the Game, Continued Yesterday, we offered our view of the most important play from Thursday’s game. But for me, the clear play of the game was the Packers’ failure to […]

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