Frustrating game review explained…


“Frustrating game review” was a well-thought-out title for the post to describe both my frustration with the game AND and the frustration I had writing the review.

More importantly, on the term “frustrated”, there is a very unusual and scientifically observed correlation between the size of one’s noggin and one’s ability to say the word “frustrated” correctly. Those people with larger heads (circumference-wise) tend to struggle to work the first “r” in there leading them to be “fustrated”. (Chances are decent Mike McCarthy says “fustrated”). Those with skinnier, or narrow head types, have the common Asian-language-speaker tendency to swap the “r” out in favor of an “l” – or “flustrated”. Curiously though, the second “r” often does get pronounced by these thinner-headed folks. (Chances are decent Charlie Peprah says “flustrated”). I’m presently researching this further in an effort to arrive at a viable scientific explanation for why this may be. I welcome any thoughts.

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