Bryant Gumbel likes “pretty” things


When Gumbel was talking about the incredibly ugly stadium last night, he mysteriously mentioned on two occasions how “pretty” it looked against the Dallas skyline. That would have been a nice comment: 1) if it were true 2) if he was a woman talking to other women or 3) if his audience was the Today Show.

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2 Responses to “Bryant Gumbel likes “pretty” things”

  1. OMAR Says:

    The Packers punt. Gumball says, “The Packers will go on offense when we return”

    That was but one of about 15 problems with Gumball calling the game last night. He’s terrible.

  2. Keepin’ It Real Thursday: Going for the Juggler? « packergeeks Says:

    […] lots of grief for his mangling of the English language this year and he deserves it. Same with Bryant Gumbel with the NFLN. (I won’t be able to hear the game tonight, so please email with any good […]

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