Ryan Grant’s Story


Is told capably here. Tiki Barber, who served for a short time as Grant’s mentor, says he knew early that Grant would be a good running back. And Grant says he learned a lot from Barber. “Tiki taught me how to be a professional. He taught me the importance of a game plan and how studying film could make it a lot easier for you. He taught me the importance of taking care of your body and he showed me a lot of little things. ”

Grant missed all of last year after cutting his arm during an accident at a party.

Overcoming obstacles has been a staple of Grant’s career. Grant needed forearm surgery after he slipped on a wet floor and his left arm went though a glass table at a party in early 2006. Grant almost bled to death. According to his agent, Alan Herman, Grant made it to the hospital just in the nick of time. Herman says that first there was some doubt about whether Grant would live, then came the worry that he would never play football again because he would lose feeling in his hand.
“I was bleeding profusely,” Grant said. “I severed my artery, nerve and tendon. For a while after my injury, I could not move my hand. The bleeding was so bad that stitches were not enough. I needed surgery.”

Read the whole thing.


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