Packers – Cowboys, keys to the game


1) Stopping Marion Barber. This guy is good – really good. It’s a big game and though it may not be possible, he may run even harder. This is the #1 key to the game.
2) Getting Romo to try to do too much (flushing him out of the pocket, excessive scrambling, trying to make something out of nothing).
3) On the Packer’s side, we need to make sure that while Tramon Williams plays to his mad skill level, he doesn’t do the same thing Romo will do – try to do too much.
4) Favre having no more than 1 pick. Newman and Henry both are good at picking passes off, but are very beatable corners we should be able to feast on.
5) McCarthy being and staying aggressive – Dallas is too good to slide back into conservative play-calling etc once we get the lead.

Random, rather negative prediction: the players will be too juiced for this one and someone important to one of the teams is going to get hit really hard tonight and be injured.


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