Three Key Packers Listed as Questionable


Charles Woodson, Aaron Rouse and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila. Gred Bedard reports that Dallas already has a “big game feel.”

I think having these three guys available is important, but not crucial. Woodson’s absence would hurt the most. Jarrett Bush has struggled mightily in coverage over the past few weeks and though Patrick Crayton is no Drew Pearson, he has put up good numbers a couple times this year on lesser cornerbacks. It sounds as if Will Blackmon will play, though I doubt Bob Sanders will want to use him much in coverage given his long layoff. That said, I like Tramon Williams returning punts even when Woodson is healthy.

Having KGB would be nice, but Tony Romo is an effective passer even when he is flushed out of the pocket, particularly to the right, which is the way pressure from KGB would send him. Don’t get me wrong, more pressure is obviously better and it would be great if KGB could play. I don’t think it’s likely to win or lose the game, however, with the depth on the defensive line.


One Response to “Three Key Packers Listed as Questionable”

  1. Ace Says:

    I believe Aaron Rouse’s loss may be second to Woodson’s in importance. He is a decent cover safety for a rookie who could have been the key to keeping Whitten’s numbers low. Tight ends have not been as dominant in the past couple of games. Is Rouse better than we expected? I think so. Look for another big game for a tight end-whether covered by Poppinga, Hawk or a safety.

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