Week 12 look at Packer stats…


Stats courtesty of cnn.si.com.

#2 in completion percentage
#2 in yards
#2 in completions
#5 in QB rating (assuming Garrard’s injury-prone self counts)
#5 in # of TDs
#5 in TD/Int ratio (assuming Garrard’s injury-prone self counts)

Other Packers:
#3 (tied) – Kampman for sacks (9)
#5 (tied) – Woodson for interceptions (4)
#6 – KGB for sacks (8.5)
#7 – Jon Ryan in net punting (tied with KGB for silently having top notch year)
#9 – Jennings for yards per catch (16.6)
#10 – Nick Barnet in tackles (61)

Packer Offense:
#1 in yards passing per game (290)
#4 in total yards per game (370)
#4 (tied) for fewest fumbles lost (6)
#6 in points scored per game (25.9)

Packers Defense:
#4 in points allowed per game (15.9)
#7 (tied) in takeaway/giveaway ratio (+5)
#12 in yards allowed per game (313)

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