NFL MVP debate


In his blog today, Andrew Perloff talked about the leading candidates for MVP this year in the NFL. He spoke of Brady, Romo, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. He makes a solid argument that Brady and Romo have both been helped significantly by the additions of Moss and Owens to their teams. He makes the point that the Moss/Owens effects can cause defenses to avoid blitzing/being aggressive which can give Brady and Romo lots of extra time to throw (not to mention being able to throw behind terrific offensive lines). Watching the Buffalo game Sunday night, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a quarterback have more time to throw than Brady. I could quarterback for New England – have all day to throw, close my eyes, then puke up a hail mary pass that Moss could catch.

Now, I don’t want to act like Brady himself hasn’t had an unreal season because he has. In fact, I actually agree with the argument saying his stats alone close the case. And, I also tend to agree with those who state this may be the greatest QB performance in a season ever. Also, I’m not forgetting the impressive year by Wisconsin’s Tony Romo. But I have a real problem with Favre being left out of any MVP discussion to this point. There is more to MVP consideration than stats.

Favre is quarterbacking the youngest team (or now the second youngest because apparently Favre’s age skews it) in the league. He is doing all of this with a second year head coach and coaching staff. He is doing all of this with 3 novice offensive linemen, young receivers, an inexperienced RB crew and one tight end. He is not quarterbacking a team loaded with Super Bowl veterans and other veteran all-pros who know how to win. He is not quarterbacking for a coach with tons of experience (both Belichick and Phillips). And importantly, he’s not quarterbacking in a system with which he is totally familiar – he’s still learning it. Sure, Favre is not doing this alone, as other players have stepped up including a tough, young defense. But Favre’s play this year has been a marvel – think of his NFL-leading number of 40+ yard pass plays and how perfectly thrown some of those balls have been. He doesn’t have Randy Moss jumping up and turning interceptions into touchdowns. And I would argue that Favre’s charge coming into this season was far more challenging than Brady’s or Romo’s. Favre having the Packers 9-1 at this point is more impressive to me than Brady’s 10-0 and Romo’s 9-1. Again, Brady would get my MVP vote if the season ended today, but Favre MUST be in the discussion.

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  1. Ace Says:

    A cogent and proper argument. I agree.

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